Plant Variety Rights Act

As part of our commitment to The Owners of the PVR material we are licensed to grow in New Zealand and to fulfil our contract with them we assure them certain criteria are being met by our growers or these plants.

We have been very lenient about this in the past but a few problems have now arisen which have necessitated a tidy up in this area.

Could you please take a moment to familiarise yourself of your commitment as a PVR Grower.

Plant Production Ltd has received from the owner’s exclusive rights to cultivate and sell plants of their varieties within New Zealand under Plant Variety Rights. Plant Production Ltd wishes to give its client, the grower rights to grow and sell any or all of the varieties listed under PVR, in this catalogue, that they agree to purchase under the rules of this agreement as below.

  1. This is a non-propagation agreement excluding all propagation.
  2. Plant Production Ltd agrees to sell to The Grower the plants listed in this catalogue under Plant Variety Rights to grow and sell anywhere in New Zealand on the condition the agreement conditions are meet.
  3. The Grower agrees that every plant of the varieties, under PVR, sold, donated or made available to any third party by any other means whatsoever shall carry the correct descriptive label on each plant as supplied by Plant Production Ltd
  4. In the event that a mutation, or sport, should develop from any of the varieties during the term of the plant breeder’s rights, such rights of the mutation shall remain the property of Plant Production Ltd.
  5. The Grower shall advise Plant Production Ltd within seven (7) days of the discovery of the mutation or sport and The Grower shall maintain the mutation until instructions for handling are received in writing from the Licensor.
  6. The Grower agrees to monitor sales of the varieties under PVR, in New Zealand so as to prevent unauthorised sales, and to notify Plant Production when sales of the varieties are made by authorised or unauthorised parties where plants are incorrectly labelled.
  7. The Grower shall use his best endeavours to promote sales of the varieties, under PVR, and to maintain a high standard of cultivation and presentation of the varieties.

PVR is here to help protect our industry and give that extra benefit to the growers who support us.



©2015 Plant Production Ltd

©2015 Plant Production Ltd