About Plant Production Ltd

Based in the sunny Hawkes Bay, Plant Production has grown to be one of the foremost young plant producers in New Zealand. Each year we present growers with many new plants to choose from as well as a long list of favourites - all superior liners from Plant Production Ltd.

We work hard to reward the trust our customers have placed in us and we thank all of you for your custom. As always, we are ever looking forward to serving you by continually upgrading what we do making your work easier and your prosperity greater.

How can we do this?

  • Our Staff - Are as important as our customers without them none of this could happen. We have a committed team with a wealth of expertise on whom we place great value. To keep them up with the latest technology we are committed to training, highlighted by the fact that we are now recognised as the "Top business in Hawkes Bay Region" for NZHITO apprentice training.
  • Our Mission Statement - Agreed upon by all our staff who participated in an offsite Dale Carnegie seminar to set the parameters of the conduct we would honour in giving our very best in all we do. Read it here.
  • Clean Stock - With diligent management of nursery hygiene, and a vigilant spray program we aim to present you with a liner that will give you a clean start and save you time and money in after care through the continued use of Tricoderma and Alliette and further new innovations we are at present trialing.
  • Research - We are constantly researching better ways of carrying out the propagation and growing process so we can share with you these benefits. The stacking propagation tray has certainly been one of these successes as has been our latest time saver the thermal printed easy-read stick-in plant label, super trim plant trimmer and automated potting line.
  • New Product Search - Overseas travel is of paramount importance to our welfare as well as that of you our customer. We have embarked on a program with our alliances from this years visit's to the USA, Europe and Israel, to keep up with the latest in growing technology as well as trialing their exciting new plant material. We trialed their elite products last year and were more than pleased so more will be available this year.
  • Plant Variety Rights - Plant Production Ltd is renowned for introducing many new and exciting cultivars into the New Zealand garden industry, and this year is no exception. However, you may not be aware of the extensive cost this represents for the company. We believe that the Plant Variety Rights not only protect our extensive investments in a new cultivar, but also benefit the garden industry as a whole.

With all this in mind we trust you will feel very comfortable and confident when you purchase your next premium liner from Plant Production Ltd. We know these liners will give you the right start to meet the exciting challenges ahead that this industry faces. We thank you for your continued support and valued custom over the past year and look forward to sharing with you the advantage of all the wonderful assets we have to make your business grow.


Pittosporum at our Eskview Stock Block

Michael fro KW, Sonia from Egmont with Paul and Mark from Plant Production inspect the new dibbler

New propagation house at our Poraiti block

©2015 Plant Production Ltd

©2015 Plant Production Ltd