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Verbena Homestead Purple
Very hardy perennial developed at the University of Akansas. Forms a closely matted plant with a mass of bright purple blooms in Spring. Grows well in full sun and well drained soil. Excellent in a rock garden or used at the front of the boarder. Height 30 cm, Width 90cm

Verbena erinoides Lipstick
Hardy, fast growing ground cover. Forms a closely matted plant with vibrant lipstick pink flowers producing a vibrant show most of the year. Grows well in full sun. 1m spread

Viburnum tinus
Evergreen shrub with leathery dark green foliage bearing flat heads of pink buds and white flowers during Winter and early Spring, followed by purplish blue berries in Summer. Excellent for hedging and garden planting. Prefers deep, fertile soil. Frost hardy. 3m.

Viburnum tinus Emerald Beauty
Large clusters of deep pink buds opening to white flowers in late Winter and Spring with metallic blue berries in Summer and Autumn when flowers fertilized. Forms a heavy flowering evergreen shrub with dark emerald green leaves and reddish brown stems. An excellent plant for specimen planting or hedging. "Emerald Beauty" is a superior form of Viburnum Tinus selected for its improved pest and disease resistance and heavy flowering habit. H2m

Viburnum tinus Eve Price
Selected form. Large clusters of red buds in Winter opening to white flowers in Spring with blue berries in Summer and Autumn. This popular hardy evergreen is ideal for specimen planting and hedging. Showing increasing demand in the cut flower market. 1.5m.

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