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Odonthospermum Gold Coin
A neat compact perennial which will spread neatly in a rockery garden or patio tub. Large golden flowers make a dazzling display from early Spring right through Summer. Prefers a well drained soil and sunny position. 30cm.

Olea Frantioi
Versatility is the key word for this attractive Italian Olive tree. It produces small oval, good flavoured fruit. With silvery-green foliage it makes a lovely addition to your garden with so many uses, hedges, topiary or specimen planting to name a few. For the best fruit return you will need to prune after fruit collection. It prefers a moist furtile loam. Full sun. Hardy and evergreen it has it all. H5m x W3m.

Olea europea Barnea
A popular medium fruiting variety mainly used for oil content. A vigorous and erect growing olive where green fruit is used for pickling. Excellent specimen plant. Flowers early Summer and fruits later Summer to Autumn. 4m.

Olea europea El Greko
This smaller growing tree is probably the most compact, bush olive currently available. Very reliable with a high yield of fruit, and a good oil content. Flowers early Summer with fruiting late Summer to Autumn. Fruit used mainly for pickling. Grows well in most soil conditions. Excellent as a specimen or container plant. 3m.

Olea europea J2
This New Zealand North Island selection produces heavy reliable crops of medium sized fruit, suitable for the home garden and pickling. Hardy 3m.

Olea europea Manzanilla
A fast growing small evergreen with a wide growing habit. This Olive tree supplies good yields of medium sized fruit during Autumn. It has a lovely show of white blooms in early Summer before the fruit. The fruit of this olive is known for its great oil content and beneficial anti-oxidants. Frost Hardy and some fertiliser needed during Autumn.

Olea europea Verdale
A popular large fruiting variety mainly used for pickling. Note also the oil content is around 10%. An excellent specimen tree and makes a terrific container plant with compact growth and a tight bushy habit. Flowers early Summer and fruits later Summer to Autumn. 3m.

Olearia lineata Dartoni
Upright cultivar from the South Island. Erect habit with wiry linear leaves. Flowers in summer. Very hardy. Excellent for hedging in windy exposed conditions. Keep clipped for best results.

Olearia paniculata
One of our favourite hedging plants, this beautiful glossy green evergreen tree is suitable for coastal conditions tolerating dry conditions but favouring a little moisture, plant in full sun and enjoy the scented flower show during mid Autumn. This New Zealand native has undulate leaves and responds very well when clipped. H5m x W2.5m.

Ophiopogon Black Dragon
Black mondo grass. Beautiful clumps of grass like dark purple/black leaves. Makes a delightful ground cover, rockery plant or low borders. Tiny spikes of Lavender flowers in Summer. Full to partial sun. 30cm.

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©2015 Plant Production Ltd