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Nandina domestica Fire Power
A large leaved, dwarf Chinese sacred bamboo with bright pink to red leaves showing their richest colour in Winter. Propagated from tissue cultured FKV stock.

Nandina domestica Pygmaea
Dwarf Chinese Sacred Bamboo. Forms a compact dwarf bush with dense foliage of narrow green, purple and crimson leaves that change colour with the seasons A very attractive and useful small garden shrub. 60cm x 60cm.

Nepeta superba Walkers Low
Catmint - Its name came from Walkers Low in England. A stunning non-reseeding selection with attractive crinkled blue/green foliage and a profusion of deep lavender-blue flowers. Cut back after its first flush of flowers in late spring and it will bloom again in late simmer. A hardy addition to any xeriscape. Awesome colour, great in containers or to brighten up any landscape. 20c30m.

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©2015 Plant Production Ltd