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Magnolia Grandiflora
Large evergreen tree. Native to the Southeastern United States. A striking evergreen with large white fragrant flowers against large dark green leaves. Excellent specimen tree, needing plenty of room. Height 25m.

Magnolia Little Gem
One of the most impressive plants we have seen. Its glossy green leaves have velvet bronze underside and provide a unique look year round. In Summer large fragrant creamy white flowers impress. A mid-size columnar tree that is at home in a large patio planter when young, and as a grand garden specimen. Height 7m.

Melaleuca Mountain Fire
A great innovation in coloured foliage. The highlight of this plant is its brilliant fiery purple/red new growth occurring throughout the year, which is especially promoted by cool weather. A tidy erect bushy shrub bearing small white bottlebrush flowers in Autumn and Summer. Grows in most situations and soil types and adapts well to damp areas. Shelter from heavy frosts. 2m

Melaleuca Revolution Gold
Softly weeping golden foliage with red branchlets forming a delightfully attractive shrub that provides a dramatic contrast subject against dark foliaged plants. 3m.

Metrosideros Fiji
Ornamental evergreen shrub to small tree with brilliant red new foliage, which becomes an olive green and sets off vivid orange flowers beautifully. This plant is well suited to free draining soils,plant in full sun. Tolerant of coastal conditions including salt spray once well established. Protect young plants. Use a mulch layer to retain soil moisture and trim after flowering. 2m x 3m

Metrosideros Maori Princess
NZ native Pohutukawa. Evergreen. Very upright growth habit, tending to have a more cleared trunk makes it an excellent cultivar to standardise as a single leader specimen tree. Has a wonderful display of crimson flowers early simmer. Prefers well-drained soil and a sunny position. Excellent as a specimen, screen or container plant. Very tolerant of coastal exposure, frost tender when young. 7m x 4m.

Metrosideros Midas
A striking new Pohutukawa with young shoots of bright red stems and lush green and yellow variegated leaves. Leaves darken and stems become fresh green with age. Forms a colourful bushy shrub for year round colour. 4m.

Metrosideros Scarlet Pimpinell
An outstanding selection of excelsa. A small compact tree with glossy green foliage. Flushes of brilliant scarlet flowers during summer. Semi-hardy. 5m.

Metrosideros Springfire
A spectacular medium growing shrub with pointed oval grey/green foliage with attractive orange fluffy flowers. An attractive display from mid Winter through to Spring. Full sun, hot dry sites. Tolerates salt spray. Shelter from frost. 2.5m x 2,5m

Metrosideros collina Tahiti
A small growing Pacific Island species with oblong grey-green leaves. Flushes of brilliant orange-red blooms intermittently through the year with the main flush producing brilliant Winter colour. Hardy in coastal situations. Excellent in containers. 1m x 1m. Cutting propagated from flowering age stock.

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©2015 Plant Production Ltd