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Iberis sempervirens Snow Top
An outstanding selected form of Iberis with pure white flowers and needle like leaves. A sub shrub known as perennial Candy Tuft, semi evergreen, ultra hardy. Flowers Wnter through to early Summer. 25cm x 60cm.

Ilex Sky Pencil
This is structure in the garden. Tight columnar growth with striking glossy green foliage. Looks like a pencil reaching for the sky. This unique form of Japanese holly makes an exclamation point in any landscape. Very hardy. Enjoys full sun. Ideal in any structural landscapes, containers and an ideal topiary subject. H 2M

Imperata cylandrica Rubra
Upright perennial grass with vivid Summer foliage. Mid green leaves becoming more dramatically rich red, progressively through Summer into Autumn. Around 35cm tall and 20cm wide. Grows well in fertile, free draining soil which retains moisture, in a sunny site. Dies down over Winter. FOR BEST RESULTS: Retain moisture by mulching well with organic materials.

Isolepis Fibre Optics
A compact grass with attractive green foliage bearing a unique tuffed display at the tips of the plant. Excellent for rockeries or watery landscapes. Very hardy. H30cm.

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©2015 Plant Production Ltd