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Hardenbergia White Out
This fast growing evergreen climber with long delicate sprays of pure white, pea shaped flowers is native to Australia. Flowering from mid Winter to mid Spring with lime green foliage and stems. It has a shrub like growth habit which makes it ideal for covering fences trellises, archways and pergolas. Thrives in most well drained soil in full sun. 2.5M x 2.5M

Hardenbergia violacea
An evergreen, twining climber. Violet pea flowers borne on long racemes in Spring. Will grow in some of the poorest soils around. Great for covering trellis, fences, old tree stumps.

Hardenbergia violacea Happy Wanderer
One of the best all round climbers. Evergreen, Winter flowering. Masses of deep purple pea flowers. When grown hard will stand frost. Can be used as a climber tub plant, trimmed as a hedge or shrub, a cascading plant or in a hanging basket. Grows in most soils, including very poor and dry soils. Great winter colour.

Hardenbergia violacea Rosea
Popular flowering climber bearing masses of rose pink, pea-shaped flowers in winter. Grows in most soils, including very poor and dry soils. Great Winter colour.

Hebe Champagne
Low growing, spreading plant with small dark purplish green leaves. White flowers with a tinge of violet borne prolifically from mid Summer to early Autumn. Easily grown and hardy. H 50cm X W 1m.

Hebe Emerald Green
Multi branched semi whipcord Hebe with ascending branchlets forming an attractive cushion like shrub. Tiny clean fresh green foliage. Small white flowers in Summer. Excellent for rock gardens helping to create natural alpine effect. Popular for mass planting in landscapes. 30cm x 50cm wide.

Hebe Icing Sugar
An attractive rounded evergreen shrub coated with spikes of pink and white flowers during the Summer months. Ideal Hebe for garden beds, patio tubs and rockeries and makes an excellent low hedge. Prefers a sunny well drained position and tolerates most soils and conditions. Trim after flowering. 1m x 1m.

Hebe Inspiration
A popular landscaping hebe forming a neat tidy shrub with purple flowers. 75cm.

Hebe Odora
Fragrant Hebe forming a neat, symmetrical ball shaped bush. Very attractive glossy dark green leaves lends itself well to white flowers Spring through Autumn. A welcome addition to any garden landscape job. 1M x 1M

Hebe Oratia Beauty
Compact growing shrub with dark green leaves. Masses of white flowers, with tips opening pink then changing to white. Summer flowerer. 80cm

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