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Gardenia Florida
(Cape Jasmine) Evergreen shrub. A popular scented cultivar. Flowers can be single and double against glossy green foliage. Grows well in light shade to full sun. Ideal for formal gardens, hedging or planting under large trees. Protect from frost. 1.8m.

Gardenia Radicans
Small semi prostrate shrub grown for its attractive dark green pointed leathery leaves and exquisitly perfumed white ivory flowers. Ideal for shaded areas, small gardens tubs, and patios. Evergreen. Frost tender. 30cm x 80 cm

Gardenia magnifica Professor Pucci
One of the most popular scented plants to be found in protected gardens is the Gardenia. Professor Pucci is an easily grown plant with amazing pure double white flowers and a delicious scent. Growing in a variety of conditions from light shade to full sun, thriving best in protected shade. This shrub lends itself to formal gardens, where they can be used in hedging or as fillers under large trees. Protect from icey winds and frosts. 1.5m.

Gaura lindheimeri Whirling Butterflies
A popular improved form of Gaura Lindheimeri with a compact habit and pure white flowers. Produces a prolonged display in Summer and Autumn of numerous pure white flowers with rosy calyx tubes give a soft, misty pink effect to the whole plant. Drought tolerant. 60cm.

Gelsemium sempervirens
Evergreen, twining climber bearing clusters of fragrant, rich yellow trumpet flowers from late Spring to Summer. Prefers a warm sunny position in a a fertile, well drained soil. Stems require support and may be thinned out after flowering. 3m

Genista racemosus Yellow Imp
Introduced and Named by Plant Production Small evergreen shrub bearing masses of bright yellow pea flowers giving a brilliant display in Spring. Attractive light green foliage. Withstands hot dry conditions. Prefers full sun in a well drained soil. Excellent garden plant and container specimen. 1m.

Grevillea Bronze Rambler PVR
Vigorous evergreen ground cover with beautiful bronze coloured new foliage and attractive wine red toothbrush flowers showing throughout the year with a massed display in Spring. Plant in full sun or semi-shade. Will grow in most areas. Prefer well drained soils. Excellent trailing over banks, walls and containers. A Donation to the CHILD CANCER FOUNDATION is made on each plant sold.

Grevillea Cream & Green
A real eye catcher. Soft Rosmarinifolia type leaves. Flowers green turning to cream. Very popular. 1m.

Grevillea Fasciculata
Cascading shrub bearing clusters of orange-scarlet flowers in Winter and Spring. Spreading open habit with fine linear foliage. 50cm.

Grevillea Gaudi Chaudi
Shrub of the Year 1983 An exciting and sought after groundcover with dark green oak-leaved foliage maturing from dark red new growth. Burgundy red toothbrush flowers cover the prostrate branches during late Spring and Summer. 3m spread.

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©2015 Plant Production Ltd