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Erica Aurora
Eye-catching clusters of bright orange-red tubes borne in Winter. 80cm

Erica Winter Charm
Mass of pink bell flowers borne on long stems in Winter. Upright growing bush, excellent for cut flowers. 80cm.

Erica carnea Kramer's Red
Very attractive heath bearing spectacular stems of vibrant cerise bell flowers with prominent dark red anthers from Winter to Spring. Forms a vigorous bushy shrub with attractive young foliage of dark green leaves and red stems. 60cm.

Erica carnea Springwood Pink
Mountain Heath. One of the best ground cover Ericas. Profuse pink urn-shaped flowers from late Winter to Spring. 25cm x 50cm.

Erica carnea Springwood White
European Heath. White bell flowers borne from Winter to late Spring. Excellent groundcover. 50cm.

Erica cerinthoides Pink
(Pink Can Can Erica) Bright pink tubular flowers give an outstanding display from Spring onwards. An easy to grow Erica in well drained situations - prune after flowering. 75cm. Recommend as a top class eye-catching flowering shrub for Spring sales.

Erica cerinthoides Red
Upright green foliaged form with spectacular bright red flowers 2-3cm long appearing from late Winter to Spring. 40-60cm.

Erica collorans White Delight
This long flowering South African Erica is a worthy addition to any suitable garden situation. A large buhsy Erica with fine bright green foliage giving rise to masses of long spikes of white tubular bells turning pink with age. Extremely long flowering from Autumn to late Spring. Suitable for cut flowers. Vigorous plant. 1m.

Erica darleyensis Silver Beads
European Heath. Neatly rounded plant with deep green glossy foliage bearing masses of rounded silver/white bell flowers with brown anthers from early Autumn to late Spring. Easily grown and tolerant of a wider range of garden soils. Frost hardy.

Erica melanthera Improved
Our best selling Erica cultivar. Masses of rose to mauve bell flowers create vivid display from Autumn to Winter. Ideal cut flower. 1m.

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©2015 Plant Production Ltd