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Deschampsia C. Daybreak
Tuffed hair grass. This clump forming perennial grass has a green centre with yellow /pinkish margins, with bronze arching flowers in May/August. Performs best in the full sun to light shade. Tolerates hot, dry conditions. Excellent around ponds, edging or in mass planting. H 60cm

Dianella Golden Chance
Turutu. This variegated form of Dianella Nigra has striking green leaves with gold margins. Produces pale blue berries on long stems in Autumn. Grows well in full sun to part shade. Excellent in mass plantings. H40cm x W40cm.

Diascia Strawberry Sundae PVR
Masses of strawberry pink flowers borne almost continuously from Spring to Autumn. A dense, low-growing perennial with rich green foliage that is very tough and resilient, making it an ideal choice for almost any garden and position. Prefers a well drained soil, tolerates full sun and cold conditions. Trim lightly after flowering. A top performer. H 15cm

Dichroa Blue Sapphire
Evergreen low maintenance shrub with hydrangea like foliage and star-shaped flowers in Autumn,a real TRUE BLUE. Very hardy. 1.8 x 0.8 m.

Dietes grandifolia
South African native Iris. Has long rigid sword shaped leaves that are held in a fan shape. Leaves are dark green. Flowers are large white with yellow nectar guides and violet central segments in October. Flowers are held on erect slender stems about one metre high. Frost and drought hardy. Grown in most conditions. For best results, full sun in well composted well drained soil. 1.5M

Diosma ericoides
Breath of Heaven. An old favourite and still very popular. A compact, aromatic dark green foliaged shrub with an abundance of starry white flowers in Spring. 75cm.

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©2015 Plant Production Ltd