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Callistemon Rocky Rambler
An exciting new extremely dwarf semi prostrate Callistemon with small pubescent light green leaves, bearing small red brushes in the Spring. Ideal for rockeries and tubs on patios. Compact. 50cm spread.

Callistemon citrinus Firebrand R
A bottlebrush with a difference - a ground cover bottlebrush with masses of lustrous crimson flowers to enhance any garden. It can flower twice or more in twelve months and will tolerate sites from the heaviest clay to open sandy soils. 60cm x 2.5m spread

Callistemon viminalis Captain Cook
We have introduced the best form of this shrub from Australia, which gives a spectacular showing of masses of bright orange-red flowers in Spring and Autumn. Compact growing. A winner for tubs and small gardens. 1.5m x 1m.

Callistemon viminalis Little John
A beautiful dwarf shrub with attractive grey green foliage. Flowers of squat dark red brushes with golden tips in spring. Ideal for rockeries and excellent for tubs on patios. Compact. Tolerates moderate frosts only. 1m.

Camellia Gay Baby
A wonderful Hybrid Camellia. Upright habit carries miniature deep orchid pink flowers late Winter early Spring. Great addition to any garden and an excellent topiary subject. H. 1.3M

Camellia Maroon & Gold
This is a beauty. Medium growing compact evergreen shrub. Small to medium flowers of deep maroon with distinctive golden stamens borne in Winter to Spring. Hardy. Ideal for hedges and specimen planting. H.2M

Camellia Quintesence
A low growing evergreen shrub. Blooms form as pink buds opening to white flowers. Compact spreading habit with prolific scented flowers in Spring. An excellent addition to any garden setting. Has a long flowering period H. 50cm

Camellia Setsugeka
One of the more popular of the Sasanqua. Evergreen upright form with single white flowers in early Spring. A very strong growing Camellia. Ideal for hedges and specimen planting. 2.5M

Camellia japonica Brian
Evergreen Compact upright habit carrying light pink blooms from July to September. Hardy. Ideal for hedges and specimen plantings. 2.5m x 1.5m

Camellia sasanqua Buttons And Bows
A little beauty. Medium compact for with light pink glowers shading deeper around the edges from Winter to Spring. Hardy. Ideal for hedges or specimen planting. 2m.

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©2015 Plant Production Ltd