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Berzelia lanuginosa
An attractive compact evergreen shrub with bright green 6 mm long hair like foliage. Numerous small lime green ball shaped flower heads borne on short stalks to form a very decorative rounded head. A must for cut flower growers, or those who want something a little different. Require same conditions as other S.African shrubs - well drained

Boronia Lipstick
A highly ornamental evergreen shrub growing up to 1m. Hybrid of B crassipes and B heterophylla with bright green slender leaves. Bears masses of magnificent hanging lipstick pink bells in late Spring. Ideal for picking. Easily grown Boronia. Will tolerate frost.

Boronia denticulata
Aromatic light green foliage bearing masses of mauve-pink starry flowers in loose clusters from late Winter to Spring. This easily grown free-flowering compact shrub fits beautifully into most garden sites, rockeries and containers. Frost resistant. 1m.

Boronia heterophylla
An extensively grown and popular as a cut-flower plant bearing masses of hanging, crimson red, lightly perfumed, bell flowers in spring. Compact, bushy shrub with slender, bright green aromatic foliage, easily grown if the roots are kept cool. Tolerates frost. 1.5m.

Boronia heterophylla Carousel
An upright shrub with delicately perfumed, non-fading flowers that turn deep red with age. Excellent for cut flowers. 2m x 1m.

Boronia heterophylla Ice Charlotte PVR
A stunning new white form of the popular red Boronia Heterophylla. Ice Charlotte produces an abundance of bell shaped Ivory/white flowers displayed en masse throughout Spring. A distinctive and aromatic bright green fern-like foliage makes this an attractive garden plant. Requires well drained soil and regular watering during dry conditions. Prefers a sheltered position in full sun.1.5m

Boronia megastigma Brown
The very popular brown Boronia favoured and grown commercially for its sweetly scented rich brown and yellow bell flowers borne in abundance in late Winter and Spring. Frost tolerant. We offer a selected upright form producing masses of flowers. 1m.

Boronia megastigma Lutea
Very sought-after clear yellow-green flowered form of Boronia megastigma with a yellowish tinge to the light green foliage. 1m.

Boronia megastigma Tui
It has large brown flowers with golden green centres. Spring brings an incredible perfume. Ideal for single or mass planting, also as a cut flower. Thrives in moist well drained soil in filtered sun and is very frost hardy. This plant will tolerate a full sun position if the root system is kept moist and protected.

Boronia muelleri Sunset Serenade
An excellent free flowering Boronia with bright and beautiful shades of lavender pink blossoms smothering the bush in Spring with spot flowering during the year. A hardy Boronia that will grow well in a shady moist part of the garden with good drainage. 1m.

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©2015 Plant Production Ltd