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Alnus Jorullensis
Evergreen Tree. Large green serrated leaves. Very hardy. Used in group planting, shelter belts and an excellent specimen tree. H 8M

Citrus Kumquat
Usually thought of as the ornamental member of the citrus family. A culinary favourite with stiking glossy green foliage, scented blossom with bright yellow/orange fruit. Makes and excellent container plant. Planted out it can grow to 3.5m. In containers grows 2m x 1m.

Citrus Lemonade
Citrus Lemonade was discovered as a Lemon Meyer sport. A refreshing citrus with a delectable fruit for eating fresh or juicing. They literally taste like lemonade. The bright yellow fruit looks like lemons and are produced in abundance over summer. Thrives in sun, warmth and protection from cold winds. 0.25 x 1.5m.

Citrus aurantifolia Bearrs Lime
Another sought-after cilinary favourite. Fruit are larger than its Tahitian cousin, with a touch more juice and little to no seeds. The flavour is somewhere between a lemon and a lime. An excellent addition to the citrus garden, also makes an excellent container plant of the patio. Evergreen. 4m.

Citrus aurantifolia Tahitian Lime
Popular culinary fruiting Lime. Compact heavy bearing tree with a decorative appeal. Bright green large oval leaves. A good addition to the citrus garden or for containers. Grow in a warm sheltered position in cooler areas. Height 3-4M

Cordyline australis
One of our most common and distinctive of the ever popular cabbage tree. The long narrow mid-green leaves which arise from a single trunk is an excellent subject for landscaping. A stunning display of creamy fragrant flowers are a real feature in late Spring/Summer. Ideal for group,container or specimen planting. 5-10m.

Laurus Nobilis
Cultivated in the Mediterranean since ancient times. This evergreen Bay Laurel makes an excellent standard and specimen plant. When you have shaped your plant the lustrous, aromatic, dark green leaves have been used in many culinary favourites. Prefers full sun to partial shade. A display of yellow green flowers in Autumn. Very Hardy 10M

Pseudopanax lessonii
Houpara. Quick growing tree with bold glossy leaves composed 3-5 leaflets that are broadly oval with shallow serrations near the tips. withstands winds and exposed dry conditions. Shade from heavy frosts. Excellent as a specimen or tub plant. 3-4 m

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