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Aceana inermis Glauca
Native groundcover. Has stunning bright blue fern-like foliage. Very eye catching and hardy to most conditions. An excellent weed suppressant. Enjoys full sun, 25cm x 50cm.

Aceana inermis Purpurea
This is a winner. Has attractive purple fern-like foliage. Unlike most this doesn't bear barbs on the spines of its seedheads. Flowers fro spring to summer. Tolerant of most soil types. Performs best in sunny well-drained to dry conditions. Excellent ground cover or spreader. 25cm x 50cm.

Acmadenia Starblush
Star Blush is a small leafed evergreen shrub with small star shaped flowers that cover the bush, this growing habit lends itself to being a great container or garden plant. Well drained and sunny position is best for this beautiful plant. H30cm x W30 cm.

Agonis juniperina Florist Star
Raised and Selected by Plant Production. Upright, bushy, good flowering clone bearing masses of white flowers, with main flush in Autumn. Aromatic leaves. Excellent for cut flowers. 4m

Andromeda polifolia Compacta
Compact evergreen shrub producing an attractive display of pitcher shaped coral-pink flowers with white undertones in delicate terminal clusters in Spring and early Summer. Foliage is glossy, dark green, and lance-shaped, with white undersides. Requires full sun, or light shade in hot climates, and humus-rich, moist, acid soil. 15cm x 30cm.

Apodismia similis
NZ Oi Oi, Jointed Rush. Feathery tufts. Ideal garden plant, very hardy and slow creeping. Swamp plant also used in the revegetation of saline and freshwater habitats. H 1.5m.

Azalea Charlie
A new innovation in German bred Azaleas. Very large double hot pink flowers over a long flowering period from March to November. Compact growing. 70 cm x 70 cm.

Azalea Fire Tower
Very floriferous compact growing Azalea with bright green leaves contrasting with fiery orange single flowers which cover the plant in Spring. 60cm.

Azalea Helmut Vogel
Attractive dark green foliage covered in brilliant ceries pink double flowers makes this one of Germany's top selling varities, 70cm x 1m.

Azalea Inga
Eye-catching display of variegated pink and white flowers. Very prolific flowering. Dark green foliage. 70cm x 1m.

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©2015 Plant Production Ltd