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Agapanthus Peter Pan
A most popular tidy compact clumping Agapanthus bearing clusters of sky blue flowers with the central band of the petals lending itself to a darker shade giving a pecotee effect. A truly sterile form. Excellent for mass planting, boarders, containers and rockeries. Long summer flowering period. 50cm x 50cm

Agapanthus Sea Foam
Evergreen. Another excellent pure white agapanthus with broader green foliage than A. Sea Spray. Flowers from mature clumps reach 90cm. Ideal for mass plantings, borders or containers. Hardy in most soils and climate conditions including coastal.

Agapanthus Snow Ball
An excellent dwarf perennial forming attractive mounds of green with compact levels of snowball white flowers. Flowers to 30-40cm Ideal for containers, landscaping, cut flowers, borders and rockeries.

Agapanthus Streamline
The most floriflorus of all the dwarf Agapanthus. This dwarf evergreen perennial bears clusters of sky blue trumpet shaped flowers budding in August, flowering through summer and again in Autumn. Truly a delight for any garden whether it be in massed plantings, borders, pot or containers. 50cm.

Ajuga Catlins Giant
Large, crinkly, bronzy green leaves to 25cm. Spires of bright blue flowers in Spring. Great border plant or ground cover for sun or shade. Tolerates most soils but grows best in moist conditions. 15-20cm high 1-2 metres spread.

Ajuga Jungle Beauty
Glossy, deep green leaves with purple margins and a display of tall spikes of gentian blue flowers. An easy to grow ground cover or edging plant. Performs well in both open and partly shaded positions. Excellent for rockeries and underplanting. 25cm.

Brachycome multifida Amethyst
Hardy low perennial. Grows well in open sunny position or partial shade. Brilliant amethyst flowers most of the year. Ideal for rockeries and borders. 30 cm.

Brachycome multifida Break-O-Day
This hardy low perennial grows well in open sunny position or partial shade. Ideal for rockeries and borders. Brilliant blue daisy flowers most of the year. 30cm.

Brachycome multifida Toucan Tango
Developed in Germany to give a superior compact free flowering tidy form, this selection bears an abundance of superior large mauve to pink daisy flowers all year round. A hardy low perennial that grows well in an open sunny position with a well drained soil. 30cm.

Brunfelsia Scent Sational
This is an outstanding ornamental shrub that bears sweetly scented flowers that change from lavendar Blue to Mauve and end in White from late Winter to Spring. These make fabulous container plants and a must for the fragrant garden. Thrives in moist, humus rich soil that is well drained in a sunny to partly shaded position. H/M x W 80cm

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©2015 Plant Production Ltd