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Chamaecyparis Blue Mountain
Upright pyramid shaped conifer with dense short feathery steel-grey blue foliage which is more pronounced in Winter. Excellent when grown as an accent plant. Slow growing reaching 1.5m in ten years.

Chamaecyparis Pembry Blue
An upright conical Conifer. One of the bluest of all conifers bearing silver blue foliage. Great for tubs as a specimen or formal gardens. 3m x 1m.

Cupressocyparis Leightons Green
Excellent shelter plant. Dark green, fast growing foliage. 6m.

Cupressocyparis Mellow Yellow
(Robinson's Gold) An excellent yellow leyland of good form and vigorous growth. larger foliage than Castlewellan Gold. Makes a colourful screen. 4m.

Cupressocyparis Naylors Blue
Excellent shelter plant. Dark bluish green foliage. 6m.

Cupressocyparis Ovensii
Evergreen. This hybrid grows quicker than Cupressocyparis Leighton Green and is used extensively for shelter belts, it is also canker resistant. Grows in most conditions Popular in humid Auckland areas. 6M.

Cupressus sempervirens Gracillis
Upright pencil-like habit, with fine medium green foliage. 3m. SUPERIOR GRADE.

Cupressus sempervirens Swanes Golden
Upright pencil-like habit with golden foliage. 4m. SUPERIOR GRADE.

Cupressus sempervirens Totem
Foliage dark green, coarser and shorter than Gracilis. 3m. SUPERIOR GRADE.

Juniperus Blue Star
Low mounding Conifer with fine steel blue foliage. Excellent for patio, groundcover or contrasting landscrapes. Prefers free draining soil and sunny position. Slow growing. 30cm x 50cm.

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©2015 Plant Production Ltd