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Agonis juniperina Florist Star
Raised and Selected by Plant Production. Upright, bushy, good flowering clone bearing masses of white flowers, with main flush in Autumn. Aromatic leaves. Excellent for cut flowers. 4m

Ajuga Catlins Giant
Large, crinkly, bronzy green leaves to 25cm. Spires of bright blue flowers in Spring. Great border plant or ground cover for sun or shade. Tolerates most soils but grows best in moist conditions. 15-20cm high 1-2 metres spread.

Ajuga Jungle Beauty
Glossy, deep green leaves with purple margins and a display of tall spikes of gentian blue flowers. An easy to grow ground cover or edging plant. Performs well in both open and partly shaded positions. Excellent for rockeries and underplanting. 25cm.

Alnus Jorullensis
Evergreen Tree. Large green serrated leaves. Very hardy. Used in group planting, shelter belts and an excellent specimen tree. H 8M

Andromeda polifolia Compacta
Compact evergreen shrub producing an attractive display of pitcher shaped coral-pink flowers with white undertones in delicate terminal clusters in Spring and early Summer. Foliage is glossy, dark green, and lance-shaped, with white undersides. Requires full sun, or light shade in hot climates, and humus-rich, moist, acid soil. 15cm x 30cm.

Anemathele lessoniana
A very graceful tussock type grass growing up to 1.5M with narrow drooping leaves and feathery flowering heads. Attractive when planted in clumps and as underplanting for larger natives. Will tolerate any soil conditions.

Apodismia similis
NZ Oi Oi, Jointed Rush. Feathery tufts. Ideal garden plant, very hardy and slow creeping. Swamp plant also used in the revegetation of saline and freshwater habitats. H 1.5m.

Arthropodium cirratum
Forms large clumps with drooping fleshy strap-shaped leaves of medium green, Rengarenga, rock lily. One of the most adaptable and appealing perennial plants. Thrives in coastal areas throughout New Zealand. Forms clumps with drooping fleshy strap-shaped leaves of medium green, with glaucous overtones. Starry white flowers are borne in airy panicles in Summer.Excellent as a ground cover under trees, on banks and mass planting in a border. If hit by frost regrowth occurs again in Spring. 1m.

Astelia Silver Spears
Very sought after evergreen New Zealand native. A clump forming plant with spikey erect silver/green sword like leaves. An excellent addition to any garden. Ideal for mass planting and floral art. 1.2M x 1.2M

Astelia Westlands
Very sought after New Zealand Native. A clump forming plant with spikey erect metallic burgundy sword like leaves. An excellent contrast plant. Ideal for mass planting and being used in floral art. Very Hardy. Prefers light shade. Hardy H.80cm

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©2015 Plant Production Ltd